There is little doubt that running in the dark is lots of fun, but it can be a little bit intimidating if you haven’t done it before!

Here are a few tips to get you on the (dark) path to your first night run…


The Autumn months brings with it, a cool chill to the air, and more often than not, soggy grass! So pack those trainers for this night run (just not your nicest ones!)

You must have a head or chest torch, but we would recommend a good head torch.

Head torches allow you to light the way ahead of you so you can see any changes in terrain or obstacles up ahead. Like with trail running, it is a good idea to see what is coming up so make sure you are looking at least 2 metres ahead. Chest torches are great too but make sure your chest torch is at a good angle so you can see the paths ahead.

A torch over 400 lumens should do the trick, we also have reflective signage and marshals to help along the way.


Running at night compared to during the day is quite different so it is a good idea to try a night run before you line up at the start line.

If you are worried about running alone at night, grab a friend or your running group to join you. We have over 200 runners in the Cattle Creep already so there will be plenty of runners to stick with during the race.

Dog walking is bound to be something that you come across day or night, so when you’re on your night run, be prepared for movement up ahead! It is also important to note that a dog’s eyes can look a little spooky when the light from your torch hits them, but you will soon get used to it.

Have fun!

Night running and night races are great fun and offer a much different experience than a road race or trail run.

We also encourage fancy dress at the Cattle Creepy 10K, so you will have the added treat of seeing zombies, witches and ghosts during the race!

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